Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tree Huggers unite

1400 trees well done guys.
you rule.

Glad to see you care so much for the environment.
It was a pretty fun day, many hands make light work.

Well at least we helped green blacktown a little bit.
Big thanks to Glenn from BCC.

I'm totally pleased with the way everyone got involved on tree day. Once again making it a totally great event. As always things turn not so much on what's done but in the spirit it's done in. Though it's always a bit of laugh. I'm of course happy to report winning the touch footy against jayson's crap team 3-1 or something like that.

I commend Louie for his efforts considering how toxically ill he was for still getting up a little later then the crack of dawn to do some digging.

What can I say except Caring for the environment is heaps important.